Agatha's Mother
Agatha's Mother appearing next to her daughter.
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Status Adult
Spouse(s) none
Parents none
Children Agatha
Appearances Smile Guide
Portrayed by Wiktor Stribog

Agatha's Mother, as she is referred to by fans, is a reoccurring character in Smile Guide.


Agatha's Mother appears a shadowed figure during her screen-time, and her physical appearance has never been shown. However, given her figure it can be concluded that she looks very similar to Agatha, most likely being played by the same actress. Agatha's Mother's voice is also under constant voice modulation, making it deeper than it truly is.


Agatha's Mother has appeared in every Smile Guide except for How To Your Baby. When she does appear, it takes the style of a traditional interview, complete with a darkened figure and voice modulation to possibly shroud her identity. She is the mother of Agatha, and narrates her experiences leading up to the disappearance of her daughter and the subsequent search that she apparently conducted with her sister. At some point after her daughter's disappearance she sees her on the television, much to her distress. Though she initially conducts these "interviews" in a professional matter, she appears to be more distraught as the episodes go by, even admitting to being suicidal during How to properly telephone. Her final appearance is in THE APPLE ESCAPE, where she is shown in the cow area, by the edge of a fence on top of a building's balcony, muttering. If Agatha goes up to her and says "Mamo, już nie mogę (Mom, I can't do it anymore)," her Mother begins to cry, and jumps, only to fly away instead of hitting the ground. This appears to be referenced in the Poradnik Uśmiechu 6, as it is the only episode where her Mother is not present. Such probably symbolizes her Mother committing suicide. However, she is then interviewed in the short, so maybe she still has hope, and lives...? Only time will tell.

Spit Facts Edit

  • Agatha's Mother seems to be based on people in interviews who have their faces blacked out and voices changed.
  • It turns out that, like the Jeansman-in-a-wig scene from How to your own hair, Agatha's Mother is played by a man: Wiktor Stribog, the creator of the series.
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