Baby Doll
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Status Doll
Parents Agatha
Appearances How to your baby
Portrayed by N/A

Look Edit

This character is an old-fashioned doll. It has long, messy brown hair and a dark, blue striped dress with a white doily pattern on it and frills underneath. It wears white stockings and shoes.

Appearances Edit

The baby doll appears in the last episode of Poradnik Uśmiechu, How to your baby. It also appears in a blog found by data-mining in the official game The Apple Escape[1] as well as the Tumblr page.

Story Edit

In episode six of the Poradnik Uśmiechu series, it plays a prominent role as an example of a misbehaving child. It interrupts Agatha as she welcomes the viewers. Agatha compares its "behaviour" with that of Justynka from the Dolina Kwiatów TV series. After it is told a bedtime story by Agatha, the two repeatedly switch places (Maggie is also thrown into the mix) and it tells Agatha to "STOP BEHAVING". It also mimics a child's habit of repeating others; when Agatha and Maggie tell the doll "something", the doll repeats incessantly.

"Something, something, something, something, something, something..." -The doll
The doll only reappears later after Agatha finally opens her eyes, shaking around with red lights flashing and reflecting off of it.

Viewers have speculated over the meaning of the doll. In the Tumblr post, the doll can be seen lying on the floor with the caption, "Wielorne musiska w nosy wlatuja, jaja składają". This appears to be gibberish, but the words 'nose', 'flies', and 'eggs' can be found. This might reference insects flying into a nose and laying eggs. In addition, the photo of the doll found on the blog is named diediedie.jpg; the source code also contains a phrase that roughly translates to "there were no signs of a struggle". Could this doll possibly represent a murdered child, or possibly a murderer?


The photo found on the Kartlostuk blog.

Relation to other characters Edit

The child is portrayed as Agatha's daughter. This may be symbolic; perhaps the doll represents Agatha herself.

Theories Edit

It is been theorized by many kgtv fans that this doll is the daughter of agatha and jeansman (who raped her as a result agatha became pregnant ) also at the end agatha supposedly killed her .

References Edit

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