thumb|261px|link=Ballad in rhythm jeans (pl. Ballada w rytmie dżins) is an episode of the Mushroom Melodies . Uploaded on May 28th, 2014, it's 3:28 long. As of 21.6.2017 (Revising user: Tribetwelve4ever) the video has 240,704 views.


The ballad's main topic is the Jeansman. Caroline sings that jeans isn't what you think and that we should just try it for a bit.

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The preview.

The first three verses are rap. Caroline's voice is almost unhearable. Then comes the chorus. Afterwards, the words Jeansman is coming are repeated four times. The last verse is Caroline rapping again. The music fades in heavy VHS-like distortion effects.

The video was previewed on May 27th, one day before it was uploaded.

The preview also shows a piece of another picture, with Agatha running. This animation is present in How to your own hair. The ending -bów probably comes from W Krainie Grzybów, the book seen on the fanpage, while -zygód is clearly a part of the word przygód which means (of) adventures[1]

Description Edit

w programie dżins śpiewająco spośród talentów Karolinę publiczności razem z nami




English (CC) Italian (CC)

W smutnych blokach nikt nie wstaje,

mleko smutne psuje się.

Pod pierzynką betonową

śpi Beata z 5b.

Wszystkie dzieci w naszym bloku,

z cieni poplątanych dni,

zbudowały nowe miejsce,

gdzie się kończą wszystkie sny.

Gdy twe oczy już odpłyną

do tropików "super szyk",

opłotkami, werandami,

on nadchodzi, pełen dżins!

Dżins nie jest taki zły!

Dżins, wypróbuj go już dziś!

Dżins, dżins nie jest taki zły!

Dżins, wypróbuj go już dziś!

Dżinsowy człowiek ,

Dżinsowy człowiek,

Dżinsowy człowiek,

Dżinsowy człowiek!

Nie mów mamie, nie mów tacie,

nie mów aż po świata kres,

gdzie zachodzi i gdzie wstaje

dżins to nasze słońce jest.

While the gloomy blocks are sleeping,

gloomy milk goes really bad.

Under cozy concrete blanket,

sleeps Beata, class B-5.

All the kids in our block, from

shadows of entangled days,

built a brand new place, where every

dream goes to its final end.

When your eyes are far away

at Tropica in super style,

through the hurdles, through the porches,

He is coming, full-on jeans!

Jeans isn't what you think!

Jeans, just try it for a bit!

Jeans, jeans isn't what you think!

Jeans, just try it for a bit!

Jeansman is coming!

Jeansman is coming!

Jeansman is coming!

Jeansman is coming!

Don't tell mummy, don't tell daddy,[2]

don't tell till the end of days,

where it sets and where it rises,

jeans is our sun, my friend

Mentre i tristi isolati dormono,

il tristi latte va a male.

Sotto un'accogliente coperta di cemento,

Dorme Beata, classe B-5,

Tutti i bambini dell nostro isolato, dalle

ombre dei giorni incagiati,

hanno construito un posto nuovo dove ogni

sogno arriva fino alla sua fine.[3]

Quando i tuoi occhi sono lontano

ai Tropici in "super chic".

attraverso gli ostacoli, attraverso i portici,

sta per arrivare, tutto in jeans.

Il jeans non è quello che pensi.

Il jeans, tu provalo sono per un pò.

Il jeans non è quello che pensi.

Il jeans, tu provalo sono per un pò.

Jeansman sta arrivando,

Jeansman sta arrivando,

Jeansman sta arrivando,

Jeansman sta arrivando.

Non dirlo alla mamma, non dirlo al papà,

non dirlo fino alla fine dei giorni,

nè dove tramonta, nè dove sorge,

Il jeans è il nostro soie, amico mio.


The English lyrics match perfectly the Ballad's melody and rhyme, while the Italian ones don't.


PL: opłotkami, werandami, (8 syllables)

EN: through the hurdles, through the porches, (8 syllables)

IT: attraverso gli ostacoli, attraverso i portici, (17 syllables)

I believe that the Italian lyrics are based on the English ones and made by someone from the outside. The English lyrics were translated looser, with the intention that they should be singable. The creators don't want to be revealed, so they didn't tell the translator, that it'll be a song. Thus, the Italian version is very similar to the English one.



PL: gdzie się kończą wszystkie sny. (end)

EN: dream goes to its final end. (goes to final end)

IT: sogno arriva fino alla sua fine. (goes to end of all ends)


PL: dżins to nasze słońce jest. (none)

EN: jeans is our sun, my friend (my friend)

IT: Il jeans è il nostro soie, amico mio. (my friend)

The authors had contact with Italian film specialists. Makes sense, right? Also, the the Italian CC appeared ca. a week after the Ballad was published.

~~ from the KGTV subreddit


  1. Declension
  2. This line is missing from the closed captions, translated by page author.
  3. The phrase fino alla fine is used twice in the Italian version. It means end of (all) ends.

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