"Under the cozy concrete blanket, sleeps Beata, Class B-5"

Beata is a character briefly mentioned in Ballad in rhythm jeans

Not much is known about her besides being a student from "Class B-5" and currently "sleeping under a cozy concrete blanket."

Theories Edit

During the section of the song where "Under the cozy concrete blanket" is mentioned, we see Jeansman tip-toeing carefully behind residential apartment buildings while a rising sun is observed in the background. As the next shot is presented, we see Karolina singing "Sleeps Beata, Class B-5" while an ominous Jeansman looms behind her, his head missing in the shot.

Jeansman is implied through visual cues to be the person that abducted Beata while everyone slept and ultimately buried her body under concrete, where she now "sleeps".