The Drug Theory, similar to the Nonsense Theory, states that the show does not actually have a central plot, and either the characters or the show itself could symbolize the effects of hallucinogens.

Evidence supporting this theory Edit

The series seems to idolize mushrooms; theorists believe that rather than typical wild mushrooms or nuclear bombs, the show is referring to Psilocybin mushrooms, or "magic mushrooms". When consumed, these mushrooms provide the consumer with a psychedelic trip, a series of sensory hallucinations.

Maggie could very well be a hallucination that interacts with Agatha. Only Agatha seems to react to her presence, converse with her and "touch" her.

Also, referring to LSD, the title "How To Make From Paper" could refer to how when people do LSD, If they have drops of it, they put it on paper and then use it.


There are also several signs that Agatha could be on a drug trip[1]:

  • Drowsiness- Agatha can be seen waking up in Poradnik Uśmiechu 5; she may have passed out from a trip.
  • Dilated pupils- Agatha (as well as Jeansman, Hatshepsut and Caroline) are seen wearing peepers over their eyes, perhaps to hide dilated pupils, an effect of magic mushrooms.
  • Difficulty separating reality from fantasy- Agatha regularly interacts with Maggie. In Poradnik Uśmiechu 1, she confuses a mushroom for an apple (or vice-versa).
  • Short attention span- Agatha's dialogue is often random, disjointed, and nonsensical. This is a sign of a possible drug trip.
  • "Smile Guide: The Apple Escape," in which Agatha must find apples on the ground (Shrooms) to regain her "high"

In addition to all of these signs, Maggie tells Agatha in Poradnik Uśmiechu 1, "You are full of mushrooms!" In Poradnik Uśmiechu 5, the doctor tells Agatha that "the mushrooms are finally receding."

Full of mushrooms

You are full of mushrooms!

Kgtv doctor

The drug trip is wearing off?

Evidence against this theory Edit

There is a major character that disproves the Drug Theory: Agatha's mother. The story about how Agatha either ran away from home or was abducted is a major plot point in the Poradnik Uśmiechu series. It seems to have too much prominence in the series to be ignored or dismissed. However, perhaps she was abducted and then given the shrooms.

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