Jak Swoje Dziecko
Found the light
Season 1, Episode 6
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Air date April 1st, 2017
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How to properly telephone Mushroom Land TV - end of program 21.09.1994
How to your baby is the sixth[1] episode of Smile Guide. It was published by KrainaGrzybowTV on April 1st, 2017.

Characters Edit

The following characters have appeared in the episode:

Video Edit

Poradnik Uśmiechu 6 - Jak Swoje Dziecko06:45

Poradnik Uśmiechu 6 - Jak Swoje Dziecko

Trivia Edit

  • This is supposedly the last episode of the Poradnik Uśmiechu series.
  • The doll shown throughout the episode has been seen before, both in this blog found by data-mining in The Apple Escape and on this Tumblr post by the creators.
  • This episode does not feature a Mother interview, an appearance by Hatshepsut, or Conelrad.
  • Maggie seems to be drawn in a different style than in other episodes; she is also missing her tail.
  • Agatha finally takes off her peepers in this episode.
  • Justynka makes an appearance in this episode- not just as a picture. Melchior is also seen.
  • This episode came out a year and a half after the previous episode; thus, multiple fan theories had been created before its release and can be found here.

References Edit

  1. Released fifth, since the third episode is still missing.

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