Smile Guide Christmas Special is an special episode of Smile Guide which was upload on December 23rd, 2015.

Święta z Krainą Grzybów
Kgtv christmas
Season 1, Episode ???
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Air date December 23rd, 2015
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The following characters have appeared in this episode:

Notes Edit

  • This video was uploaded in poor quality (240p)
  • The video features the Maggie puppet, tapping on the camera and repeatedly asking (in a male voice), "Gdzie jest śnieg?" (or, "Where is snow?"). The tapping gets more frantic as the video progresses.
  • Agatha herself is not shown in the video; instead, we get a drawing of her in the opening card and a picture of her shown twice. The second time the picture is shown, Agatha's mouth is scribbled out in blue pen accompanied by a sped-up giggle.
  • There is a brief moment where three pictures move around in front of a red background: a drawing of an adult fly, a drawing of what appears to be a man sitting next to something, and a block of text.
  • The video ends with a reversed chime sound and an inverted version of the title card.

Video Edit

Święta z Krainą Grzybów

Święta z Krainą Grzybów