There are several recurrent symbols in the Kraina Grzybow series and media.


"Upperapple, Mushroomland and Paper."

Mushrooms Edit

Apples Edit



Apples in the series have a connotation as mushrooms. This began in the first episode where Maggie tells Agatha that the "Apple" she's been "Eating" is actually a mushroom. This gives rise to the theory that Agatha is on drugs, specifically Psilocybin Mushrooms, which are known to cause hallucination. When the apple is shown, it always has that connotation. If you were to replace "How to Effectively Apple" with "How to Effectively Shrooms," it would make far more sense. When Agatha is trying to eat the Apple, she doesn't just eat it. She explains there is "Upper Apple (The skin)," "Mushroomland (The part with the drugs)," and the "Paper (Tasteless inner part)", then proceeds to put it in her mouth, chewing it distastefully. She hallucinates wildly, then as it begins to die down, she thinks again, but feels depressed until Maggie (?) cheers her up, and shows her that she was high the whole time and that that "Apple" was actually a 'shroom the whole time. Later on, during "The Apple Escape," Agatha has to wander streets in a kind of "Withdrawal" state, depressed and tired, toking for enough wild "Apples," just growing on the ground LIKE MUSHROOMS to give her the high she needs, all while not being caught by Maggie-3000s (Ed note: I think they're police). The Facebook post on December 23, 2016 shows her in a high again on a vacation with Maggie, but not as strong a high as before, as she notes she is still not happy as before. We will have to wait and see.

Cow Edit

Flowers Edit

Dog Edit

Prism Edit

  • Prism
  • Entrance to the Agatha Prophet Station.
  • Prism in a Mushroom.
  • Prism in the apartment balcony.
  • Prism in the graffiti.
  • Prism wall mural
  • Maggie Prism

Prisms make an appearance in Smile Guide: The Apple Escape. The significance of this symbol is yet to be revealed, but prisms can be found all over Mushroomland.

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