The Apple Escape is the first officially released Kraina Grzybów game.

The Announcement Edit

Kgtv vhs

While not technically an "announcement", the first hint at the game was a picture of the VHS cover to SMILE GUIDE - THE APPLE ESCAPE (also boasting itself to be "the first Polish game on VHS!")[1]. The cover was withered, as many items pictured by KGTV appear to be. Fans believed that the game would be coming out in the form of a video (as VHS games were typically paired with board games, such as Nightmare or Rap Rat[2]). The image was released on August 10th, 2016. The graphics depict a cartoon Agatha running with an apple through a blue grid over a red background. Several polygonal mushrooms, as well as Małgorzata 3000, can be seen surrounding Agatha.

The Release Edit

On August 24th, 2016, the KrainaGrzybowTV YouTube channel (as well as the Facebook page) released a 37-second clip, advertising the official Kraina Grzybów game, The Apple Escape.



The game is downloaded as SmileGuide.exe, and the icon is a polygonal mushroom. The game itself, after displaying the Unity logo, opens with a VHS filter over the Teufland Computer Entertainment logo. The title screen has three options: Play, Look, and Exit.

Look Edit

Ae jutropies

The "dog called TOMORROW" appears as an easter egg.

Clicking the LOOK button brings up a large image of an apple. The menu buttons are still accessible from the image; clicking wherever the PLAY or EXIT buttons are supposed to be causes the game to act accordingly.

  • The only known secret comes when the user clicks a certain dark area of the apple: an image of the "dog called TOMORROW". This was first revealed by Reddit user TheZB17[3].

Play Edit

You play as a 3D model of Agatha. Gameplay begins after revealing that collecting 25 apples and bringing them to the Agatha Prophecy Station will allow you to go home. However, this task is not as easy as it seems; Agatha is surrounded by Małgorzata 3000s, startling image jumpscares, and pits of death that lead to frightening 3D Maggie models, grasping at Agatha from the darkness.

Ending[4] Edit

When all 25 apples are collected and brought to the Agatha Prophecy Station, a door opens. Entering it brings the player to a road that ends with a giant Agatha; her hair is fluttering and colorful auras are coming from behind her. A loop of the Nowe Przebudzenie (New Awakening) music plays. Upon reaching a white disc, the giant Agatha will lean down and stick out her tongue. Walking onto the tongue will transport Agatha to a Polish field, not unlike the one from Poradnik Uśmiechu 2. The music track found in that scene will play as well. A few cows roam the fields, and a Polish sign reading 'Dom' can be found. In the distance, a building similar to the ones from Mushroom Melodies is visible. However, attempting to reach the building will trigger the true ending of the game: Agatha will fall through the ground, the music will drop in pitch, and a message will display.

It's over.

You'll see Agatha

in the last episode.

Then, the title PORADNIK UŚMIECHU 6 will appear. It looks similar to the title card found at the end of the Episode Three trailer, but with different colors.

Kgtv game and trailer comparison

Comparison between the episode three trailer (left) and the episode six card from the game (right).

The city Edit

In the game, there is a city area that Wiktor Stribog [the creator of the game, and the youtube series.] said he created as a memorial to his grandfather who died while he was creating the game. If you look behind one of the buildings and behind the wire fence you can even see a small cut out of Wiktor Stribog's grandfather. This is just a theory that I have, but Wiktor Stribog was born in 1988, which means his parents must have been born in the 60s or late 50s which means his grandfather and maybe other relatives would have been around in the 1940s when WW2 was happening in Poland, and they could have had to face WW2. This would be a incorporation of the nuclear war theory and if the nuclear war theory is correct, then this would be a good reason why Wiktor Stribog created the YouTube series in the first place- because his family went through WW2. But Then again, this is just a theory.

The ARG[5] Edit

Turns out, this may be more than just a game. Reddit user Randomiser deconstructed the game, finding a faint binary pattern that turned out to be the name of a blog. The blog shows only a creepy image of a doll, named diediedie. The source code also includes the message "nie znaleziono śladów walki", or "There were no signs of a struggle". The words "sign of a struggle" appear in a jumpscare in the game, thus definitely linking the game and the image together. In addition, Randomiser found a missing level. When the name is changed and the file is forced to load, Agatha ends up in an indoor scene. Another binary string could be found; when translated, it was soon discovered to be a YouTube URL extension... Leading to this:

Telewizja taka mądra

Telewizja taka mądra

This appears to be raw footage from Poradnik Uśmiechu. Also, look closely at the reflection when there is no image on the television for an extra surprise.

Gallery? Edit

...Nie ma.

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