Untitled Smile Guide 6 (Poradnik Usmiechu 6) is the final episode of KGTV. The airing date is the 1st of April, 2017.

Teasers Edit

First Teaser Edit

On 11 December 2015 KGTV Facebook page posted a GIF with the text "Ja jeszcze nie, a ty Małgosiu? Małgosiu?"

In the GIF anime-Agatha is running on the red background, and there is "Poradnik Usmiechu 6" written in a corner.

Second Teaser Edit

In the ending of Smile Guide: Apple Escape, which you get after collecting 25 apples and bringing them to the Prophet Station.

After the interactive sequence (walking to the home), there are words on the screen: "It is over. You will see Agatha in the last episode". Then the screen goes black and "Poradnik Usmiechu 6" appears on the screen .

Third Teaser Edit

On 10 December 2016 KGTV Facebook page posted picture of Agatha with christmas tree on the red background.

Text Polska English
Post witajcie w ostatnim witajcie poradnika witajcie

P.S. to igzdak

Welcome to the last Welcome Guide, welcome

P.S. It's riddles

Picture Pragnie dla ciebie tego, co najigdzak They wish you all the riddlest.

The word "last" possibly gives us a little teaser about PU6. Note about "igzdak" is on the Reddit.

Fourth Teaser Edit

On 31 December 2016 KGTV Facebook page posted GIF of Agatha trying to connect two white foam pieces, but they repel and fly away, as Agatha gets annoyed. The background is same as in the previous picture.

This GIF was named "pu6" on Giphy, so it's assumed to be some PU6 footage.

Final Teaser Edit

What could happen in PU6? Edit

These assumptions based on random theories and KGTV fans activity.

  • Agatha will try to escape from the Mushroom Land.
  • Agatha will reunite with her mom.
  • We will see the full face of Agatha's mother.
  • There will be answers to some of riddles (every of them?) (UPD: so-so)
  • There will be MORE riddles and mysteries. (UPD: yes!)
  • We can probably see end credits with actors and crew names. (OR)
  • It is not the last episode, and it will contain a teaser of Poradnik Usmiechu 7.
  • There would be teaser of Dolina Kwiatów TV or another side-project.
  • This episode will have no connection to other episodes.
  • It would be more mysterious, weird, scary than previous episodes. (OR)
  • It will be a campy goofy Smile Guide (like Polish kids TV channels used to be) unlike the darker gritty Smile Guides. (UPD: BOTH!)
  • Margaret 3000 will make an appearance.
  • Jeansman will make an appearance. (UPD: a mention)
  • Hatszepsut will make more wide apperance. (UPD: what a pity, even no mention)
  • There would be more new characters. (UPD: a Karlostuk blog doll and Justinka have appeared as a fully-featured characters)

Let's play theory lotto and leave these assumptions till release, and then strike out failed ones.