Zofia Kopytlanka is a writer featured in the Smile Guide. Aside from being quoted in the series, she also penned the alleged "W Krainie Grzybów" book, and according to the "zk" signature, most probably the author of the KG blogs and comics.


W Krainie GrzybówEdit

She is the author of a book titled "In the Land of Mushrooms" ("W Kraine Grzybów") which was shown on the official facebook page of KrainaGrzybowTV. The book was also "for sale" on the official shop but it was already sold out at the launch of the shop.

  • Cover.
  • First excerpt.
  • Second excerpt.
  • Third excerpt.
  • Zofia Kopytlanka signing the book.


Pen nameEdit

Due to the lack of any information regarding Kopytlanka, some speculate that she doesn't exist and that Zofia Kopytlanka is the pen name of Wiktor Stribog, the creator of the series. This theory is further expanded by some who claim that Kopytlanka is meant to comically represent a stereotypical Polish children's writers who usually happened to be women and who were noted for their use of archaisms in their books as noted from the "W Krainie Grzybow" excerpts which feature a notable number of archaisms.

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